Wisconsin Old West Shootists

WOWS thanks the following Match Sponsors for supporting our 20 Anniversary FITH Match

Thank you everyone for making FITH 2016 a great success!!

The 2016 Wisconsin State Champions: Lucky Leslie and Mockingbird


If you are interested in serving on the WOWS board, for elected or appointed positions, contact Dan Topper at: 715-246-6218; spanton@frontiernet.net

2016 Board of Directors Contact Information:

WOWS and NCOWS Marshal: Black Jack Martin (Jerry Olson) 715-949-1621; blackjack.olson2@gmail.com

WOWS Deputy Marshall: Ruble Noon (Tom Shoemaker) 612-987-8054; CAPTTOMS@aol.com

Judge: Woodsey Lore (Peter Seidl) 715-268-2564; pjseidl@amerytel.net

Territorial Governor: Tracker Jack Daniels (John Wurtzler) 715-643-2011; trackerjackd@yahoo.com

Territorial Representative & Editor: Dan Topper (Tom Spanton) 715-246-6218; spanton@frontiernet.net

NCOWS Deputy Marshall: Doc Potter (Dale Magnusson) 715-497-3950; dmagnusson@sbcglobal.net

Webmaster: Doe C. Doe (Paula Gardin) 715-553-0338; gardinpmg@yahoo.com

Social Director: Traprock Annie (Jeanette Rochford) 715-755-3520 mrrochford@centurytel.net