Wisconsin Old West Shootists


        Indoor shooting at Bill's Gun Club in Hudson Schedule:

                                       March 12th and 26th

                    5:30 pm setup time and 6:00 pm shooting starts

2017 Gun Show Schedule

Barron Community Center   2/24/2017 3-8 pm    2/25/2017 9:00am-5:00pm 2/26/2017 9:00am-3:00pm

Eau Claire Menards Expo Cntr   3/10 3-8 pm    3/11 9:00 am-5:00pm                        3/12 9:00am-3:00pm

Blue Hills Sportsman Club Faith Baptist -Chetek   3/17 3-8 pm                                  3/18 9:00am-5:00pm

Amery Hockey Rink   4/14 3-9 pm      4/15 9:00M-5:00pm

Anyone interested in helping out with the booths at any gun show, please contact Ruble Noon.

2017 Board of Directors Contact Information:

WOWS Marshal and Banker: Col. Carbine (Greg Roth) 715-790-9959; rothga@chibardun.net

WOWS Deputy Marshall: Ruble Noon (Tom Shoemaker) 612-987-8054; CAPTTOMS@aol.com

Judge: Woodsey Lore (Peter Seidl) 715-268-2564; pjseidl@amerytel.net

Territorial Governor: Tracker Jack Daniels (John Wurtzler) 715-643-2011; trackerjackd@yahoo.com

Territorial Representative & Editor: Dan Topper (Tom Spanton) 715-246-6218; spanton@frontiernet.net

NCOWS Deputy Marshall: Doc Potter (Dale Magnusson) 715-497-3950; dmagnusson@sbcglobal.net

Webmaster: Doe C. Doe (Paula Gardin) 715-553-0338; gardinpmg@yahoo.com

WOWS Long Range and Range Development: Marty Mudd (Brian Martig) 715-265-4256; bmartig@centurylink.net

Social Director: Traprock Annie (Jeanette Rochford) 715-755-3520 jmrochford@centurytel.net

Secretary: Sue Shoemaker 612-987-8054; enclavesue@aol.com

WOWS Member at Large: BlackJack Martin (Jerry Olson) 715-949-1621; blackjackolson2@gmail.com

WOWS Member at Large: Annie Sew and Sew (Annie Hillman) 715-455-1318; leatherandlogs@chibardun.net