Wisconsin Old West Shootists

Winter Indoor Cowboy Action Shooting Bill's Gun Shop & Range in Hudson, WI.

WOWS is hosting indoor Cowboy Action Shooting

On Sunday Evenings

Starting at 6 pm

Scheduled Sunday evening dates:

Jan 10 & 24, Feb 14 & 28, and March 13 & 27.

The plan is to start setting up at 5pm with a shooters meeting at 6pm. Shooting to commence following the meeting.

*Rifle, pistol, and shotgun will be used.

*Shooting will be performed downrange of the booths.

*Loading, staging, and unloading tables will be set along one firing line parallel to the backstop.

*Target holders made of PVC or wood will be set at various distances from the backstop. True SASS recommended distances may not be followed, but targets       will also be smaller to moderate difficulty.

*Targets will be paper, stapled to the target holders.

Standard SMOKELESS cowboy ammo will be used.

*Drawing from holsters is allowed.

*Most CAS conventions will be observed (i.e. rifles will be loaded at the loading table, shotguns will remain open and empty until the scenario begins, pistols will be holstered, etc.).

*The range will be cold before anyone goes downrange to change targets. Bill's is just off Crest View Drive (the frontage road on the south side of I-94) on O'Keefe Rd. It is just behind the Holiday Gas Station on the corner of O'Keefe and Crest View. Take Carmichael exit #3 off of 94, south on Carmichael, then west on Crest View. .

2016 Board of Directors Contact Information:

WOWS and NCOWS Marshal: Black Jack Martin (Jerry Olson) 715-949-1621; blaback.olson2@gmail.com

WOWS Deputy Marshall: Ruble Noon (Tom Shoemaker) 715-377-0240;

Banker: Col. Carbine (Greg Roth) 715-790-9959; rothga@chibardun.net

WOWS Deputy Marshall: Ruble Noon (Tom Shoemaker) 612-987-8054;

Judge: Woodsey Lore (Peter Seidl) 715-268-2564; pjseidl@amerytel.net

Territorial Governor: Tracker Jack Daniels (John Wurtzler)

Territorial Representative & Editor: Dan Topper (Tom Spanton) 715-246-6218; spanton@frontiernet.net

NCOWS Deputy Marshall: Doc Potter (Dale Magnusson) 715-497-3950;

Webmaster: Doe C. Doe (Paula Gardin) 715-553-0338; gardinpmg@yahoo.com



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